Resident Benefits Package Workshop

Thursday, March 9 from 2:00 - 3:00 PM Eastern
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We are excited to introduce you to RBP by Second Nature through the experience of the PMs who have rolled out their RBPs and had the same curiosity or concerns that you might have right now.

Did you know, most Second Nature team members who work on RBP are former Property Managers themselves?

​ We know you and your staff are already spread super thin.

​Property Managers are committed to creating a better future for their residents, their investors, and their teams...

​...but they might not have the full bandwidth to manage a package or partner with multiple game-changing partners...

Enter: RBP by Second Nature.

​During this RBP Workshop, you'll have the opportunity to connect with Spencer Wheeler, Demi Kalfas-Gordon, Andrew Johnston, and your workshop host Alisha O'Loughlin, to uncover what RBP could do for you, your team, your residents, and your investors...creating unlimited Triple Wins!

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