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Don't get left behind in the evolving world of resident experience.

A resident benefits package is a suite of services provided to property managers from Second Nature. PMs can then in turn provide these to their residents to create a first class living experience. The resident benefits package, or RBP, was pioneered by Second Nature in 2020 as the property management industry’s first fully-managed resident benefits package. 

RBP is designed to be simple to use and easy to implement. All the services included within it are managed externally by Second Nature, meaning there is no day-do-day upkeep required from the manager. You plug it in and Second Nature keeps it running. The value creation an RBP creates with such little work required from the PM makes an incredibly easy way to evolve your business and create great experiences and outcomes for residents, property managers, and investors. 

An RBP contains six services, all of which are designed to create triple wins.


Routine Air Filter Delivery

Air filter delivery was the first service Second Nature offered to scattered-site single-family PMs and is a cornerstone of the RBP. One of the most common causes of HVAC maintenance requests is a failure to change the home’s air filters on time. As air filters fill up with particles like dust, dander, pollen, and other common indoor air pollutants, airflow through the filter is diminished, forcing the HVAC system to run longer to condition the same amount of air. A longer run time = more wear and tear = more breakdowns. Low quality air filters can also contribute to system failures by allowing buildup within the HVAC system due to their awful filtration efficiency.

Air filter delivery from Second Nature solves the problem by delivering the right size high quality air filter directly to each home’s front door on a predetermined schedule. The delivery serves as a reminder for the resident to change the filter, and voila, resident breathes clean air because of quality air filtration, PM has fewer HVAC tickets to deal with, and investor has their asset protected. That’s a triple win. 

Second Nature’s air filter delivery is proven to reduce HVAC tickets. 

Bar chart showing the decrease in HVAC maintenance requests when using Second Nature's resident benefits package

$1Million Identity Theft Protection

One in four Americans will be victims of identity theft. With identity protection as part of your RBP, every adult on the lease automatically gets the peace of mind of professional level identity protection. 

Backed by AIG and monitored through IBM’s Watson, Aura Identity Guard works on behalf of the resident to identify fraudulent use of their identity and alert them. In the event of an actual identity theft case, the resident receives a dedicated case manager and is covered up to $1,000,000 for most resulting damages. 

Credit Building

With RBP’s credit building service, on-time rental payments improve the credit score of your residents. This credit reporting program reports positive-impact on-time rent payments automatically to all three credit bureaus, helping residents build their credit simply for paying their rent on time. Residents also get an immediate boost with 24 months of back reporting included. This directly impacts rates on credit cards, auto loans and future mortgages, incentivizing residents to get rent in on time and helping set them up for home buying in the future. 

This is a huge benefit to residents that, like every other service, is managed for you by Second Nature. You, as the property manager, and the investor both reap the benefit of the extra incentive to get rent in on time and the resident gets to see their credit score rise as a result of something they have to do anyway. It’s a big-time triple win here. 

Rental Rewards

Rental rewards are a favorite among residents and another powerful and positive incentive for on-time rent payments. Residents receive awesome rewards at move-in and can unlock even more rewards by paying rent on the day it's due. There’s no tracking required by the property manager either. All on-time payment tracking is done through the app via Second Nature. Like other services in your RBP, it’s managed for you. 

Gifts include

  • $30 gift card for national and local brands
  • $25 restaurant card 
  • $40 rewards cash on rent day each month rent is paid on time. 
  • More!

The value of rewards is covered in the cost of the RBP, so the property manager isn’t seeing any additional liabilities. The PM only sees a benefit, which is the increase in on-time rent payments. The investor enjoys on-time rental payments and the resident receives the rewards. Another triple win. 

Move-In Concierge

Setting up utilities can be a headache for a new resident. It’s one of those things that really has no reason to be as annoying as it is with all the different providers to contact and payment options to manage. Well, now it’s not. Turn four phone calls into one with Move-In Concierge, which makes setting up utilities a one-call procedure for the resident. They don’t even have to contact the utility companies. One to call takes care of the connection for the resident. 

Second Nature identifies the best rates for each of the resident’s utilities and compiles them altogether. They then handle all communication with the providers so one single call to the liaison is all that is needed from the resident. 

Renters Insurance

Nearly all property managers require renters insurance in their lease agreements. The newest addition to the RBP, Second Nature offers price competitive insurance options that property managers can apply to all their residents locked in with one group rate. 

While a lot of renters insurance packages are all bark, Second Nature’s brings the bite, literally. Get full dog bite liability coverage for all breeds and pet damage coverage in addition to a host of other protections including pet damage, fire damage, mold remediation, and more for a competitive starting rate of $7.95.

Residents that have their own renters insurance can receive a waiver on RBP's insurance product, but the current list of enrolled residents is tracked for you by Second Nature, and any resident who drops off of their own insurance is automatically enrolled.

No more hassle for you, quality asset coverage for the investor, and immediate and comprehensive liability coverage for the resident is another triple win you can create with your Resident Benefits Package from Second Nature.