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In this video, Andrew Smallwood walks you through the process of the triple win. Property management strategies have historically been focused on a zero sum game: getting the most out of your clients for the least amount of work. But in the end, that strategy doesn't generate more value for anyone.

The Triple Win is about a completely different business mindset. It's all about finding a way to elevate the SFR rental experience for everyone - Residents, Owners, and Property Managers. We aim to help build property management products and services that add value for all three. In this video, Andrew talks about how to build programs that deliver wins.

That's why we call our podcast the Triple Win Podcast. In it, we talk with property management and real estate experts around the country and outline the best innovations in the SFR property management space. Programs like an filter delivery service, move-in concierge, credit reporting, and more. All of these can be wrapped into a Resident Benefits Package (RBP). These programs help solve for what residents want, and what they'll pay for and stay for. It also helps build the kind of behavior the property managers and investors need.

Andrew introduces these concepts in the video below. To learn more, get in touch with our Triple Win Leadership Council, or join the Triple Win Leadership Exchange.


Andrew Smallwood:

Hey everybody, Andrew Smallwood coming back again. Listen, I wanted to record one more short video because the last one got such great feedback, and I had an idea that I've been talking about to a number of folks and they say has really been resonating with them. Again, I'm just going to move over here for a little visual help.

People have been talking about, "Hey, this triple win concept in your podcast and everything like that, what's really going on here?" There's three parties that professional property managers are thinking about anytime they're making a decision or structuring their business. And that's residents, owners, and then you and your team.

Here is often what property managers feel stuck with: They make a decision that benefits their owners, maybe in a meaningful way, right? But there's a little bit of a trade-off as far as how it impacts a resident, and then here's their team cut in the middle between these two expectations, right? It feels like everything's kind of going every direction.

What we want with a triple win is something more like this, right? You've got your residents, owner, you and your team, and everybody benefits. So you've got this powerful, aligned transformative effect in the business. Everybody going the same direction, everybody impacted in a positive way.

When you think about this, it's like, "Hey, when you structure a new fee or a new program or what have you, it's really keeping in mind, 'How do we do this in such a way that it elevates the experience for everyone, and that that story is all lined up, the incentives are all lined up.'"

Listen, I'm not telling you this is the only way to do things. Some of you may be saying like, "Of course, it's obvious this would be the way you would do things."

But for some property managers, it isn't. For some property managers, there are questions like, "Well, hey, I make so much on maintenance. Do I really want to prevent maintenance?" That's really just a question of how do you want to align your value. Meaning if, yes, you make money from reactive maintenance, maybe there's a benefit here that you can say, "Hey, I'm monetizing all that reactive maintenance." But for property owners, we know that's no good and for residents, that's no good as well.

So while it may be a win here, it's a single win and it's a double L, right? Preventive maintenance means a win for the resident, it means a win for the owner, and it means prevented work for your team and you can monetize your preventive maintenance. So it's still a win for your bottom line as well. That's really the takeaway: This lens that we're talking about seeing the world through. Once you put this lens on, it's like you can never see anything the same way again.

Just like glasses change your view of the world, or a microscope or a telescope give you a different view of something that you're looking at, so does the triple win lens.

Hope this video is helpful. Would love your feedback. Shoot me a comment, email, wherever you're seeing this. Would love to hear your stories of triple wins or how you structured things or what you implemented in order to create a triple win and transform your property management business. With that, until next time, keep rocking. See you.