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It’s a big day for your resident experience. Second Nature is unveiling the newest addition to the resident benefits package: renters insurance with certificate of insurance management. 

Nearly every property manager in America has some sort of renters insurance requirement. Usually this requires proof of insurance at move-in, but this adds work and friction to both sides of the leasing table. And tracking who remains insured via their own personal policy can be especially difficult. Years of hard work has paid off with the only 100% managed insurance program for property managers, purpose-built for a resident benefits package. 

Welcome to “triple winsurance” that feels Second Nature.

Second Nature’s renters insurance offers a new, industry-leading value policy from an A-rated carrier. Property managers and investors are protected with coverage beyond standard perils, and residents can save money and time over finding and maintaining a retail, individual policy. Over 99% of claims do not exceed the limits we set for damage liability, personal liability, and contents. But if a resident wants to buy additional coverage or even choose a different carrier, they can do that and Second Nature’s team handles all the tracking and compliance.

It’s the first program, product, and process that creates a 100% solution.

Talking to dozens of carriers and potential partners, we found that dog bite is a key coverage many are overlooking. State Farm noted that $730M of claims payout were for dog bite, about a third of their total payout. Yet many renters insurance policies available to property managers and residents don’t include dog bite at all. And the ones that do, exclude multiple breeds. It really felt like all bark and no bite. We worked with our carrier to include $25K of dog bite coverage that includes all registered animals. More property managers are seeing the benefits of accepting more breeds, and now residents have another reason to register their animals and can have protection to address the risk.

Dozens of property managers and even more residents also told us how they wanted to see “additional living expense” or “loss of use” coverage, pet damage, mold, bed bug, and rental income loss coverage. As well as water back up from appliances as a covered peril. We were able to get all of these included and more.

It’s another great way for property managers to differentiate the professional resident experience they deliver, and drive better outcomes for everyone. So it belongs as a part of a resident benefits package. There’s no separate portals, onboarding, or ongoing administration. And it strengthens the RBP value to the resident, investors, and the management team.

Most property managers and leasing staff ask for proof of insurance at lease or renewal signing. But we discovered that it wasn’t perfectly consistent. Even then, it takes training to make sure the coverages, address, and dates are correct. But the administration to be added as an additional interest is a pain for everyone, so most companies just looked at initial acquisition of coverage. And there are too many horror stories where a policy lapsed and the carrier denied the claim. It was too late for everyone to know or do anything about it. We’ve closed that compliance gap with our process so that if a policy lapses, everyone is covered until the resident cures the lapse or purchases a new policy.

Within hours of our first soft announcement, over 60,000 homes under management have committed to our new level of service, with more companies coming in every week. It’s the strongest response to any innovation we’ve released yet, and we couldn’t be more excited.

If you want to get started or have questions, talk to an expert on staff that works with other property managers in your area on resident benefits packages at rbp.secondnature.com/triplewin.