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Disclaimer: We asked for the weirdest, the most bizarre, the most surprising… and property managers delivered. You may want to check over your shoulder before scrolling if you’re in a public coffee shop or you have little ones at home!

Nobody can ever deny that property managers have some great stories. We asked around to find some of the weirdest, craziest, more preposterously bizarre stories of items left behind by residents to be discovered by property managers. We figured these would be weird. We were right.

14 Weird and Strange Things We Found After Move Out

Get ready for bizarre!

A grenade

“A LIVE RPG (rocket propelled grenade). Seriously did not think it was active but called the bomb squad just to be safe. We shut down 10 blocks for an entire day”

RBP>RPG (learn about our Resident Benefits Package)

An entire car

“A 1966 fox body Mustang. Engine and all. Who does that?”

Fun fact: The 2000 comedy film starring Ashton Kutcher titled "Dude, Where's My Car" is actually based on this.

A cannabis farm

“Basement full of beautiful, huge, marijuana plants. Evicted for not paying the rent. They could have paid rent for a long time if they knew how to run their pot growing business 🤣”

Never get high on your own supply

An assassin kit?

“My cleaning lady pulled the stove out and found a secret cabinet behind it. It had an uzi handgun, silencer, bump stock and other attachments. It was super creepy. I had the sheriff's office come get it.”

Yeah that's a mob safe house you got there

Farm life

“A very angry rooster”

You know, I really hate it when I forget my rooster


“Boa constrictor shedded skin under a couch. Where is the snake?!?!”

Hopefully you burned down the house immediately just to be safe

Pool pickles?

“Pickles in the skimmer basket of a pool.”

May not see a weirder one than this as long as olive

Dead cats...

“Dead cats in freezer and also had one that had white powder on everything in the apartment couldn’t see floor due to powder. They left everything they owned. They had Bed bugs. Took forever to get that cleaned. Broke 3 brand new vacuums. Just trying to clean it up after pulling all carpet. Also had a unit that had burnt aluminum foil all over the place from drugs gun shot holes and someone tried to drive through the apartment. So busted brick inside apartment.”

Please park in the driveway, not the kitchen. Thank you for your understanding

All their worldly possessions

“A house full of furniture. No packing at all. Looked like they just left for work. All of the family items were left behind including all the china, crystal, silver, and linens in the DR. Only thing not left was a couple of TV's and a bed. Took a crew of 8 to empty the house in 6 hours and took 8 trips to haul off from the junk service. Amazing!”

"I swear, Bob! This is the last time you are packing the car!"

A placenta

“Defrosted placenta”

No comment

More cats...

“Dead/stuffed cat. We had fun with that one”

Ever move to a new place and get the feeling you're missing something important? This resident did not get that feeling.

...and even more cats

“17 cat urns”

The only thing worse than this would be finding 18 cat urns

Frog hatchery

“I also had an entire pool of frog eggs. They hadn't hatched to tadpoles yet. And if you've never seen them, they look like long strings.” 

Figured we'd find some poles when we put this list together but was not expecting this type.


"Dancer pole"

And there it is

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