Everyone wants the best experience for their residents.

We know 1,000+ companies that have actually done it.

At Second Nature, our resident experience platform empowers professional property managers to deliver the #1 Resident Benefits Package.

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Real Value

Residents get the #1-rated rental experience, at the best price.

Over 2,300 5-star reviews.

Industry Leading Software

Purpose-built by our award-winning team who have personally managed over 40,000 SFHs. Your residents and team get results with a seamless experience.

Stand Out From the Crowd

RBP was designed by our industry experts to deliver results accidental landlords can't through a higher, professional level of service.

“We've never rolled out something that our residents and investors loved more.”
Todd Ortscheid
Revolution Property Management
“RBP feels like adding to my team, without adding to my payroll.”
Lindsay Baker
Evolution Real Estate
“Second Nature makes it seamless for us property managers. You take work off my staff and I still make a profit.”
Jay Hartley
Frontline Property Management
“I wanted to find a way to create revenue without having to go back to my clients.”
David Pruitt
West USA Realty

What's in a Resident Benefits Package

Resident Experience Platform
We turned a list of to-dos into a done-for-you experience. Because residents and PMs have better things to do than learn how to manage multiple portals.
Resident Rewards Program
Turn rent day into rewards day. Rewards for on-time payment, gift cards, and negotiated deals from hundreds of brands through a top-rated app.
Credit Building Program
Improve renters credit through rent data reporting to the major credit bureaus. A recent study showed an average increase of 42 points after 4 months of reporting rental payments.
Investors get their assets covered. Residents get coverage. You get the first fully managed solution that makes it a Triple Win!
$1M Identity Protection
1 in 4 Americans are victims of identity fraud. All adult leaseholders get $1M coverage backed by AIG, monitoring through IBM's Watson, and a dedicated, US-based Identity Restoration Specialist.
Filter Delivery Service
Reduce wear and tear on HVAC systems with our automatic filter delivery by Second Nature. Save up to $250/year and lessen the hassle of repairs.
Utility Connection Concierge
We take the frustration out of setting up utilities for residents. One call sets up utility, cable, and internet services.
We're on a mission to support and elevate the professional Property Management industry.

There’s a reason we’re the first ever 3-peat NARPM Affiliate of the Year. Because at Second Nature, we get what property managers, owners and renters need. By aligning services and value between all three, we create innovative programs no one else can imagine—let alone offer. The results? Delighted renters, satisfied owners, and empowered property managers. It’s win-win-win!

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